And the Winner Is…

A bit after noon the group gathered (except for my teammate who was still sleeping off the night’s festivities.) The first award given was the Toilet Trophy for last place. The winner(?) was Lee, my teammate! He had all his points taken away for still being in bed.

Third place with 9 points went to Dean. He would have had more, but when he bought avocados for guacamole he picked hard, unripened ones so four points were deducted.

Don’t adjust the color on your computer. Lee tried to save it by adding tequila, but the result was this nightmare.

In second place was Laura! Her team made a very strong showing in all the events, except euchre which was the half game I referred to yesterday. So who was left to defeat this phenom?

In first place was…Gary!

Gary? I knew he made a good showing in the events, but how did he pull ahead of the pack when his teammate did not place? Gary was awarded extra points for cleaning up a bathroom after someone misjudged how much they could handle drinking. I did not see it, but I imagine the bathroom looked like it was covered in that guacamole. Who, you might be wondering, decided how many points to award Gary? Gary. Now I’m not saying there are any shenanigans here, but…

My total ended up being 8 1/2 points. I was given a half point for having Lee as a partner. This means I was a mere half point from medalling. Gah! So close!

The rest of the day was basically a whole lot of nothing. The other Indiana based group left shortly after awards were given. The friends of Dean’s family who came in last night left. It was Lee and his wife and I remaining for the day.

It was a pleasantly warm day for relaxing, enjoying some killer leftover brisket, and preparing for my own journey back home tomorrow.


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